Restarting to blog

Restarting to blog

At the beginning of the year, I tend to reflect on the last year(s). When looking back this year I realized that in the last 15 years things changed in the amount I blogged.

I love Oracle Application Express (APEX) and started my blog to share what I learned while developing in Oracle APEX. I also blogged because I believed Oracle APEX could help many businesses, so I wanted to promote it and make other people successful in building apps with Oracle APEX. My blog was also a way for me to connect to other people that were using Oracle APEX. So many great people helped each other being successful ... this is what we know today, Oracle APEX has a strong community with passionate people about the product.

In the first few years, I did over two blog posts per week. In the years after I did one blog post every week or every other week, but in the last two years, I blogged much less.

There are many different reasons why I blogged less:

  • Oracle is promoting Oracle APEX much more than before, so there is already more content available today than there was 15 years ago.

  • I like to help people be successful using Oracle APEX, but I'm doing this now more through United Codes by building products that help Oracle APEX developers.

  • I was all-in on building out the company and supporting the products that we created, which was often 1-1.

  • I put ideas down that I wanted to share, but never took the time to effectively write them out.

  • The older I get, the faster time seems to go, so before I knew my time was consumed by other things.

But for the next few years, I want to change this again and make some time to do some more blogging. As Hashnode seems to be the blogging platform for developers I thought to start writing on this platform over continuing at my old Blog done in Blogger.

Here's what I plan to write about:

  • Oracle APEX comes out with two releases a year, but instead of blogging about the different features and how to use them, I want to give my view on why you may want to use (or not use) this new feature.

  • In United Codes, we build great products that I believe help every Oracle APEX developer out there to be more productive and give them the ability to achieve more. But if you don't know they exist, you won't use them, so I want to change that and show you why we build the products we put out there.

  • Every day I learn something. It may not always be about Oracle APEX, but those insights help me to understand the world I'm living in, so I hope they will be useful to others.

  • We have a great Oracle APEX community, but things changed over time. Many people from the community are now working for Oracle, we had Corona which meant not meeting people live, Joel, who was the leader of our community, passed away, people seem to have moved and new people came... I want to make a conscious effort again to learn about the people in our community and want to help to build out our lovely Oracle APEX community again.

That's it for now... I speak you soon again!