Oracle APEX Extensions

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a great low-code development tool.


With United Codes, we are heavily invested in this technology. We are not only providing consulting and building applications for customers, but we also build extensions for Oracle APEX.


Our most known product is called APEX Office Print (AOP). AOP allows you to generate documents based on templates written in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, and HTML. AOP has a number of Oracle APEX plug-ins which makes it the most integrated and easy-to-use reporting, printing, and document generation tool for Oracle APEX.


The perfect complement for AOP is APEX Office Edit (AOE). AOE allows you to create, edit and view Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Open Documents (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Draw) straight in your Oracle APEX application. That AOP template that you wanted to update, it's a breeze with AOE! But AOE can do much more, it has a true document management application included with it, with version control, easy search in the documents, and much more!


When you need to resize images, put watermarks on them, change the format, grayscale it, or really anything else with an image, APEX Media Extension (AME) is what you are searching for. Initially, AME started as a replacement for Oracle Intermedia/Multimedia, which became deprecated, but AME has more than a PL/SQL API to manipulate images, it also comes with an Oracle APEX plug-in which allows you to upload images and manipulate them while it's being uploaded.


Oracle APEX has a great feature onboard to allow you to extend Oracle APEX by using plug-ins. Plug-ins Pro provides fully supported Oracle APEX plug-ins. From a very cool Gantt Chart to a fancy RTE editor and customizable client-side validations and many more plug-ins are available. Finding a plug-in that works today, but also in the future is what Plug-ins Pro offers you.


APEX Project Eye (APE) is the most advanced tool to give you insight into your Oracle APEX applications. For me, APE is what Enterprise Manager is for the Oracle Database. APE can be used during the entire development cycle; during development, you use the quality assurance checks, during testing, you review performance, and how people use the app and you can easily do error investigation, and during production, APE monitors your applications and gives you warnings when things don't go smooth.